Hey there! I’m Stefan, I design and build solutions for the web & mobile devices. We should talk about your next project. Seriously.

Recent Work

  • Stefan has been absolutely fantastic to work with on the development of our new mobile website. He was able to seamlessly integrate the new site with our existing content management system, which was critical to us. He was extremely efficient and responsive to our needs. He did a great job!

    – Elizabeth Tartaglia, CTO Bardavon Opera House
  • Stefan's understanding of the design & development process has made it much easier for me to deliver great websites to my clients faster and more affordably then ever before.

    – Carla Rozman

Whats Brewing In The Lab

I wanted to take a moment to share how you can taken back 10+ hours a week of my time from monotonous tasks. 1. Find faster Think about how often you “search” through your hard drive to find and open files, applications, or folders? 10, 20, 50 times a dayhttp://www.stefancrain.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=338&action=edit&message=1? Probably takes you a while huh? And then you find the file and cant even remember why you were searching for GuyDoingFacePalm.jpg in the first place.  Lucky for us there is a much faster way to find stuff on the mac. Apple built this fucntionality straight into into OSX in 2006, they call it “Spotlight”. TRY IT OUT: Press command + spacebar to open the window in the upper right corner. Type in the first 3-4 letters of what you are looking for, use arrow keys to navigate the list … Continued

Flipify.js is a jQuery plugin that turns a boring count-up display into a beautiful airport inspired counter. Count the number of hits to your web-app, track your time, or even monitor your dog (good luck). The possibilities are endless! Key Features Built with the jQuery framework Lightweight at only 1.9KB supports Multiple instances on one page timerEnd handler start, stop, and reset functionality $(‘#counter’).countdown({ stepTime: 60, format: ‘hh:mm:ss’, startTime: “12:32:55″, digitImages: 6, digitWidth: 53, digitHeight: 77, timerEnd: function() { alert(‘end!!’); }, image: “digits.png” });