3 Tricks to Increase Your Productivity

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I wanted to take a moment to share how you can taken back 10+ hours a week of my time from monotonous tasks.

1. Find faster

Think about how often you “search” through your hard drive to find and open files, applications, or folders? 10, 20, 50 times a dayhttp://www.stefancrain.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=338&action=edit&message=1? Probably takes you a while huh? And then you find the file and cant even remember why you were searching for GuyDoingFacePalm.jpg in the first place.  Lucky for us there is a much faster way to find stuff on the mac.

Apple built this fucntionality straight into into OSX in 2006, they call it “Spotlight”.

TRY IT OUT: Press command + spacebar to open the window in the upper right corner. Type in the first 3-4 letters of what you are looking for, use arrow keys to navigate the list and press enter to open the file. Easy, fast, found.

More about Spotlight from Apple .

Time saved : 20-30 minutes a day.

2. Focus longer

The time you spend blocking out distractions and to getting focused work done is invaluable.

We can all agree that one of the big drawbacks of the new social web is our level of constant distraction. How much time do you waste checking your two favorite sites? I started keeping track of mine and I’m sure the results would alarm you.

I started using an application called SelfControl 1 month ago and immediately noticed changes in my work habits.

SelfControl blocks your access to any sites in its’ blacklist for a preset period of time. After you start a session there’s no going back.

Learn more about SelfcontrolsGit the source on github

Time saved : 40-60 minutes a day.

3. Sync more often

I’ve made it a practice to use two computers in my weekly workflow. I have a rock solid desktop to really crank out most of my work, and when cabin fever strikes I have an old PowerBook that I take with me to escape. I wanted the computers to keep my projects in sync without being forced to work off of a remote server.

Enter Gitdocs. Gitdocs is awesome for my coding projects because not only does it keep my 2 stations in sync, but it also it keeps track of a files revision history, so if I need to revert to yesterdays file, its right there!

Git the source on github

Time saved : 20-30 minutes a day + countless headaches avoided.

What am I missing?

How have you streamlined your workflow  ?